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Vitamin C To Cure Herpes in 2016

Individuals who have genital herpes often enter the New Year with great hopes: they are hoping that this will be the year when experts eventually discover herpes virus cure. By the end of each year they realize again and again, that there is still no cure and that they will have to deal with herpes every day for yet another year. This year is no different: 2015 is practically over and everyone's wish for herpes cure is little by little fading away.

So exactly what happened in 2015? Were there any major herpes cure breakthrough and developments? Or perhaps some inspiring stories from herpes virus individuals who found a way to manage HSV and live an outbreak-free daily life?

At the beginning of 2015 there were a lot of conjectures about main companies, such as Vical Incorporated and Genocea Biosciences and the progression of genital herpes cure. Genocea actually got some beneficial results in decreasing microbial infection, yet unfortunately, statistical significance was not maintained.

Fortunately is that there are still a number of herpes cure researches presently in progress. The one by William Jacobs Jr, HHMI investigator and principal of microbiology, and Michael Farzan from Scripps Research Institute,.

While researchers were trying to find genital herpes cure in 2015, more people began to show empathy for hsv virus sufferers, and many people who have genital herpes began to realise, that their medical diagnosis is absolutely nothing to be shamed of. Ella Dawson shared on her social media, that she honors the day she found out she had HSV-2, and Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh put together Pink Tent to support those who have genital herpes.

The World Health Organization has lastly noticed the severity of the herpes virus issue and shared frightening reports. According to WHO, 67 % of the people under the age of 50 are affected by oral herpes virus (Type 1), and 417 million individuals are impacted by herpes. As we all know, the initial step to recovery is acknowledging a problem. This implies, that this year we finally made a first step to finding hsv virus cure, yet there is still a long journey ahead of us.

Simply a tip: there a still no FDA approved herpes cure, A few research studies have demonstrated, that antiviral medications and some natural solutions can speed up outbreak recovery time and reduce the discomfort, burning and itching. Antiviral medications in some cases cause side effects, and in many cases people develop a resistance for them (or they can even stop working whatsoever) after taking those medications for long amount of times. Holistic remedies must be used under medical professional's supervision. Genital herpes virus can be controlled and individuals can live outbreak-fee if their body immune system is strong enough to fight HSV.

When they find out there is no herpes virus cure, too many individuals give up. We usually get e-mails saying:.

"There are millions of individuals who, much like me, have herpes virus. Why should I change?".

"I have no signs, so I just choose not to inform anyone I have genital herpes.".

"I got genital herpes from my ex-boyfriend, who later on left me. My sex life stops now. What should I do?".

A few of those letters will be published in a several days.

Even though genital herpes cure has not been discovered in 2015, that does not indicate, that your life is over. Keep in mind, that the first research for herpes vaccine started around 1920. Today individuals start to understand, what genital herpes actually is and they are more acceptable of individuals who have it than before. We must not get our hopes up and look for any significant development, then get upset when it doesn't develop. Rather, we must believe in ourselves and take suitable care of our bodies in order to live happy and healthy lives. We are the only ones who hold the key to our future.

Although you are having a nasty uncomfortable herpes outbreak right now and you are all feeling hopeless and have nobody to speak with, keep in mind that this will not be like this always. It will get better. Just imagine, that everything in your life might be different. You can discover your true love, who will support, enjoy and accept you no matter what. You can change your lifestyle and live a longer and much healthier life. You can discover how to manage your feelings and get everything you've even dreamed of.

Several thing you should do making your life much easier:.

1. If you are depressed and not appreciating your life today-- get aid! There are forums, physicians and support system.

2. It will certainly help you deal with herpes outbreaks if you are in discomfort and experience frequent break outs-- embrace a healthier way of life. Eat more fruit and vegetables, get enough rest, give up meat, coffee, alcohol, cigarette smoking and sugar, begin working out-- and you will seem like a new person soon.

3. If you are worrying too much-- do yoga, or anything that makes you happy.

4. Find out more about herpes virus and assist us stop the infection from spreading.

Thank you for your interest. Kindly share, like and comment this post. And let's all hope that cure for genital herpes will soon be discovered.

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